History of M'dhavian - The Schism
by Nuvynen the scholar
The history of these lands is shrouded in some mystery. Even the date of the great Schism that tore apart our world and remade it is a source of debate amongst us scholars, who are split between placing the Schism mere centuries ago or millennia ago. Regardless of when it happened, none in our lands have lived long enough to have witnessed the Schism firsthand. The elves in their cities are the longest lived among us, but they will not discuss the matter with any of our scholars. It is rumored, though, that they may indeed have a record of the times slightly before and during the Schism, and it has been whispered by those outcast from elven society that the other races are to blame for the Schism itself.
I must again point out here that history is often written by the survivors, and for many decades, the elves have been completely withdrawn from society. Those who have been outcast have their own tales of how elven society lives, but that story is left for another tome.
Without the elven view, we have imperfect records of the time before the Schism, especially since most older records did not survive to modern times. The oldest records we have are from Ran'shyo, and those center on the founding of that city, not on the Schism itself. The records are not dated, and appear to have been recopied several times, in order to preserve the contents of the records, no doubt. Even so, there is no sense in the city records of time, or of when the Schism itself may have happened.
Regardless of when exactly the Schism happened, destroying that way of life, we have some small rumors about what was beforehand. The one thing that most scholars can agree on is that before the Schism itself, there was only one race of intelligent, thinking beings. Most say these were humans, others say elves, but all agree that even those have been changed by the Schism's magic. Personally, I believe that the ancestor had more in common with the current-day human rather than the elf, though I must admit to some bias of my own.
Another point on which most scholars agree, is that the time before the Schism was without magic. Some scholars insist that it was the discovery of magic and the rivalries that ensued from defining the use of this new power that sparked the Schism itself. Others suggest that it was in the creation of some of the modern races that sparked the Schism. All that is known is that most modern races have their origins in the time surrounding the Schism. Minotaurs, especially, insist that they were created as slaves but were able to resist those that wished to use them as property.