Lands of M'dhavian is open for adventurers.
Welcome. We strive to be a family friendly mudding experience. We encourage all to roleplay and enjoy travelling the lands we keep. Point your mud client or telnet window to port 7500 (telnet: to enter and start playing. If you like us, vote for us here:
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Here are a few of the unique features of Lands of M'dhavian:
  1. automap to show your area
  2. mounts and riding
  3. racial languages, and the ability to learn them by listening
  4. bows and ranged firing
  5. glance and physical descriptions
  6. hometowns
  7. player arena
  8. quest system
  9. easier casting using shorthand like 'cu cr' for 'cure critical'
  10. banks and banking
  11. Moons with phases
  12. companions gain levels along with you
  13. books and writing
  14. skill learning from group members
  15. crafts and ways to make your own items.
Lands of M'dhavian Java Client
For people without telnet or a mud client, here's a way to connect to Lands of M'dhavian using just your browser. It requires Java, which is found on nearly every modern computer.
Lands of M'dhavian Forum Available
This is the location of the official Lands of M'dhavian forums. It is driven by free perl forum software, and supports all of the major forum functions.
If you have problems receiving email from the forums, check your email spam settings, or spam folder. Every mail system I have used can sometimes classify automatically generated email as spam.
What is M'dhavian?
Lands of M'dhavian was a project that Joxtur and Arvik came up with to learn area building and mud coding. Joxtur's day job is writing and maintaining server software, while Arvik is retired full time. The world is expanding and growing as time permits, and Arvik is always on the lookout for new building talent, which he is more than glad to help get started.
Here are some images of the realms, as currently discovered:
in game map composite
Legends and Stories of M'dhavian
Here is the starting point of the written legends and stories of M'dhavian. If there are any in game stories, or other stories about M'dhavian, send them to me via the forums for inclusion here. Nuvynen has much to write of M'dhavian's history as he understands it.
There are also books in game that detail the pieces of history we have discovered about the varied lands of M'dhavian. As players adventure onward, it is possible they will find journals and other books in which to write their own stories and adventures.
Browseable Help Files Available
The page itself is not pretty and it can take some time to load the menu on a dialup connection. It is in a monoformat font because most help files require specific spacing to be viewed correctly.
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